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» Regular intra school activities take place all throughout the year to generate the sense of competition amongst the students.
Sports is given due emphasis and students are encouraged to participate in various inter school competitions and they have brought laurels to the school.
» Science, Art and Craft exhibition are held on a yearly basis to showcase the creative talents of the students.
» To develop team spirit among the students, a house system is in place whereby all the students are divided into four houses.
» To motivate the children, awards for different categories are given to them. This includes academics, attendance, neatness, best house, best class, best student etc.

To keep pace with the new method of teaching, teachers are regularly updated through workshops and orientation programmes. The constant efforts of the well trained teaching staff is to develop the individual personality of each pupil and bring out those qualities which are the best and noblest in the children.

Our Faculty

Sl No Name of Teachers Designation Educational Qualification
1 MRS. REENA BHOWMICK Headmistress M.A.(Eng) , B.Ed
2 MRS. SARVARI DAS Asst Headmistress M.A.(Eng) , B.Ed
4 MISS. BINA DEY Asst Teacher B.A.
5 MRS. UMA DAS Asst Teacher B.A.
6 MRS.LEELA MAZUMDAR Asst Teacher M.Sc.( Biotechnology )
7 MISS. PRITI DUTTA Asst Teacher B.Sc.B.Ed. (M. Music in vocal)
8 MRS. REKHA RAJPUT Asst Teacher B.A. (Hindi), Diploma in   Teacher Training
9 MRS JAYSHREE HAZARIKA Asst Teacher B.Sc. (Botany)
10 MRS EVA BHARALI Asst Teacher B.A.(Mont Teacher Training)
11 MRS CHHANDA SAHA Asst Teacher B.A. , B.Ed (Visharad in Hindi)
13 MR. SREENU P M  Asst Teacher M.A., B.Ed.
14 MISS. DHILLON BORAH Asst Teacher B.A.(Eng) , B.Ed.
15 MISS. BOBITA RANI MEDHI Comp Teacher B.Sc.(Bio-Chem), PGDCA
16 MISS. KUSUM SHARMA Asst Teacher M A(Eng)
17 MR. NITYARANJAN PAUL YogaTeacher H.S. (Kaya Yogi)
18 MISS. PIYALI KAR Asst Teacher M.A.(Hist), B.Ed.(FCHR)
19 MRS. BICHITRA CHANDA Asst Teacher B.A. (Eng)
20 MISS. JONALI DAS Asst Teacher B.A. (Pol. Sc.) (Mont  Training)
21 MRS. TULIKA DAS Asst Teacher B.A.(Mont Teacher Training)
22 MRS. DAISY BHARALI Asst Teacher B.Sc, B.Ed
23 MISS. SANGITA CHOUDHURY  Asst Teacher B.A.Eco,Dip in Art & Crft
24 MISS. MADHUSMITA DAS  Asst Teacher M.A.(Assamese)
25 MISS. ANJU ARA BEGUM  Asst Teacher B.A (Dipl in MTT)
26 MRS. JAYA BAKSHI DUTTA Asst Teacher B.A., Hindi (Pravin)
29 MRS. BANAJEETA SHARMA Asst Teacher M.Sc.B.Ed.
30 MISS. NANDITA KARMAKAR  Asst Teacher B.A(English)
31 MRS. RIMI SHARMA     Asst Teacher B.A (English)
32 MRS. URMI DAS   Asst Teacher B.A (Hindi)
33 MISS. RIKTIKA BARUAH    Asst Teacher M.A (Philosophy)
34 MISS. ABHILASHA DAS Asst Teacher M.A (Hindi)
35 MRS. MADHUMITA DEY  Asst Teacher B.A(Eco)
36 MS. ANWESHA ROY   Asst Teacher B.Com,Dip in Art and Craft
37 MS. ANINDITA DEB Asst Teacher B.Sc( Physic Major)
38 MS. PINKY PRADHAN Asst Teacher M.A(Mathematics)
39 MS.POMPY DEBNATH Asst Teacher M.Sc(Statistic)
40 MISS. SANGITA HALOI Office Asstt. B.A
41 MISS. PRIYANKA DEKA Office Asstt. B.Sc.(IT)
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